Masterclass on Decoding Digital Transformation

Corporates are transforming at a rapid speed of innovation. The present scenario is compelling the businesses to differentiate and create a competitive edge through strategic thinking and continuous innovation. Digital transformation is no longer just a dream; it’s an idea whose time has come. As Digital becomes all pervasive in the corporate world, the roles of CEO and leadership teams are evolving and merging in a way that we haven’t seen before. Every company competing virtually in every segment of India and abroad has embarked on a digital journey.

VCCircle’s upcoming three-chapter Masterclass series for CEOs and CXOs is focusing on complete digital transformation and emphasis on creating and executing the digital strategy for IT & ITeS companies.

This series of masterclasses will discuss how technology is transforming industries and what companies can do to not merely survive but grow and thrive. They will equip business leaders with the relevant growth strategies and case examples to help them take their organizations to the next level. Learn how workforce of the future is changing and what are the necessary capabilities required to attain digital nirvana.

Masterclass on Decoding the Digital Transformation with Ganesh Natarajan will help delegates understand the requirements for digital transformation, consulting and technology industry trends, how digital transformation provides an edge, a five-step approach for transformation, and how to build a company through the digital wave?

Masterclass on Growth Strategy with Neelam Dhawan will help delegates understand the importance of brainstorming, formulating and overcoming the implementation challenges of a growth strategy. Dhawan will share the experiences of global and domestic companies who have successfully formulated and executed growth and go-to-market strategy to achieve success.

The Masterclass with Ruchira Chaudhary will focus on how the essence of digital transformation comes down to people, how their digital behaviour is changing, and how culture, capability and change management are crucial for digital success. Creating a high-performing digital organisation requires a leadership vision for how digital can transform an organisation and a commitment to drive and sustain these changes?


Why You Should Attend?

According to World Economic Forum White Paper, 2016 – Becoming a digital organization requires far more profound changes than merely investing in the latest digital technology. Companies will need to rethink business and operating models, revamp how they attract and foster digital talent and consider afresh how they measure business success.

The objective of this study is to provide the comprehensive guidance for Digital transformation, business strategy and how to leverage it for business scalability. The series covers how to build and scale a GTM with right size & skilled selling teams.

The essence of digital transformation comes down to people and how their digital behaviors are changing. Creating a high performing digital organization requires leadership vision for how digital can transform an organization and a commitment to drive and sustain these changes. Also critical is that leaders at all levels have the functional, technical, and leadership capabilities to execute in a digital world.

At the end of Masterclass series, participants should be able to:
• Understand Digital transformation for business scalability
• Explore use cases of digital to transform productivity, customer experience and new business building
• Learn how to create successful global companies by riding the digital wave
• Understand growth strategy for business scalability
• Learn to create strategy and execution
• Learn how to build and scale a GTM with right size & skilled selling teams
• Value selling Vs. Product Selling